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We at Tri State paving recognize that paving a space is an investment, but we think it’s wise. Asphalt is the top material for paved areas like parking lots and driveways because it is strong and long-lasting. If done correctly, paving will last many years while withstanding the effects on both man and the environment. It will increase the value of your house or place of business and assist you in making a favorable impression on guests.

Give us a call if you require a new paved area. We’ll discuss your concept before we start our paving procedure and provide our expert judgment on placement, size, and cost. Also, we’ll ensure that any drainage problems are fixed and that the foundation of your property is sound so that vehicles may travel on it securely. We’ll have your paved area completed swiftly and expertly while considering your local codes, thanks to the combined experience of our specialists, who have more than 18 years of experience.

The True Experts For Asphalt Paving Services

Bills Asphalt Maintenance is the top west virginia paving company for paving services. We can satisfy your paving demands and exceed your potential at a fair and honest price because we have decades of knowledge. Asphalt paving, asphalt repair, chip seal, business paving, driveway paving, and paving contracting are just a few of our paving services.

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From Initial Asphalt Paving Service To Ongoing Maintenance, One Call Does It All

Due to its strength, affordability, durability, and ease of building, asphalt pavement is employed in many applications. Due to its robustness and capability to withstand heavier loads, Asphalt is the preferred material for parking lots.

However, It’s crucial to collaborate with a reputable, knowledgeable asphalt paving company from the beginning to the end to extend the life of your asphalt pavement.

One of the most seasoned companies of asphalt paving in West Verginia, is Bills Asphalt Maintenance, which is committed to offering the best roads and parking areas. Our asphalt specialists keep up with the most recent developments in the road construction sector and the most cutting-edge methods for laying fresh Asphalt and resurfacing worn-out pavement.

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What Is , Asphalt Paving?

Applying hot asphalt to a driveway or parking lot surface is referred to as “Asphalt paving” in general. This phrase may also be used to describe the method for repairing damaged asphalt pavement or the procedure for building a new driveway. 

Oil, aggregate, and recycled Asphalt are all components of the composite material used in asphalt paving. It is frequently used on roads, parking lots, and walking paths. Our asphalt contractors are committed to paving parking lots and roads in stages, with each layer contributing in its unique way to the creation of the best infrastructure.

Our Asphalt Pavement Methodology

Bills Asphalt Maintenance has seen it all when paving parking lots and driveways. To ensure your job is completed correctly and on schedule, we concentrate on three key factors when taking on an asphalt paving project.

Water ​ Disposal

Water is the main cause of pavement failure. As a result, your pavement becomes more susceptible to heavy traffic and frost heaves. Standing water along the sides of your pavement also allows moisture to penetrate and saturate your gravel base. Your pavement will remain if you clear the water away. We consider the following water drainage parameters while evaluating pavement projects:

Stone ​​ Base

The strength of the Asphalt we lay down depends on the gravel base it supports. A finished asphalt pavement should have a 6′ to 12′ gravel shoulder on either side if it is built on a strong, compacted base. Here are a few more ideas for creating a stable asphalt-gravel base.

Driveway ​​​ Edging

Bills Asphalt Maintenance driveway and parking lot edging’s primary function is to create a wall or boundary between your pavement and landscaping. Additionally, it lessens erosion on slopes and aids in containing loose gravel. An overview of our pavement edging procedure is provided below.

Expressed, inadequate drainage, a shortage of gravel, or improper edging is why asphalt pavements deteriorate. 

So why not allow Bills Asphalt Maintenance professionals to provide you with pavement maintenance services to last a lifetime?

Our Paving Services Are Well Worth The Investment

Through ongoing innovation, Asphalt meets the demands of both large and small projects by offering a dependable and weather-resistant surface that is unmatched by any other medium. To ensure that you have a sturdy surface for many years to come, we only utilize the best Asphalt.

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No Asphalt Paving Services
Is Too Big Or Too Small.

We keep equipment and trained paving crews on hand for large metropolitan projects requiring numerous pavers, smaller projects like walking trails, or special projects like golf carts and bicycle paths, court areas, and race tracks. Talk to us right now about your project.

asphalt paving services
The Work Speaks for Itself

Leading businesses, institutions, country clubs, and communities have relied on Bills Asphalt Maintenance for decades to do tasks correctly the first time. To verify, request a list of satisfied customers.