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Our team at Bills Asphalt Maintenance can guarantee and deliver high-quality asphalt repair services. We have an industry-leading level of technical and operational experience, which they combine with a flexible and customer-focused approach. Bills Asphalt Maintenance offers placement services for various locations, including highways, airports, major arterial roads, and tunnels. We have the highest Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) prequalification.

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Bills Asphalt Maintenance is recognized as one of the country’s best asphalt paving services providers. We also offer commercial asphalt repair, parking lot paving service, asphalt sealcoating contractors, paving contractors, asphalt driveway repair, asphalt services in Ohio and West Virginia paving Contractors , and Seal Coating Services for years running for a reason:

We excel in offering commercial paving solutions thanks to our more than years of experience and excellent meticulous attention to detail.

In addition to complete, high-quality pavement replacements, we provide parking lots preventative maintenance, extending the life of the pavement and lowering expenditures. We complete the project in stages and minimize disturbance to avoid upsetting your staff, apartment renters, delivery drivers, or clients.

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Work Process for Bills Asphalt Maintenance

Bills Asphalt Maintenance offers tri-state asphalt services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Here is an overview of our work process, broken down into crucial headings:

Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the customer to discuss their needs and goals
  • Evaluate the condition of their asphalt surfaces
  • Conduct a site visit to inspect the areas in need of maintenance, repair, or installation

Proposal and Approval

  • Provide a comprehensive proposal outlining recommended services, costs, and timeline
  • Obtain approval from the customer before proceeding

Preparation and Cleaning

  • Clean and prepare the surface for treatment
  • Power washes the area, fill cracks, and patch any damage

Sealcoating and Coating

  • Apply the appropriate sealant or coating to protect the surface and extend its lifespan
  • Use premium materials to ensure the durability and longevity of the surface

Asphalt Installation

  • Excavate the area to prepare the site for the new asphalt surface
  • Install the appropriate base materials and compact the area to ensure proper drainage and stability
  • Install the asphalt and squeeze it to create a smooth, level surface

Communication and Customer Service

  • Maintain open communication with the customer throughout the process
  • Ensure that the customer's needs and expectations are being met
  • Provide exceptional customer service to ensure complete satisfaction

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Bills Asphalt Maintenance was outstanding. Their meticulousness and regard for detail assured me the work would be done well. Even after it rained heavily that day, their team called me that evening to ensure the water flowed the way he wanted it to after sculpting my driveway all day.

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The Bills Asphalt Maintenance crew's entire team was incredibly helpful in my work. Everything was tidy and clean when the job was finished because of their careful attention to detail.
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Bills Asphalt Maintenance has performed all Reconstruction repairs and seal coating. Most of our projects are on highways requiring special maintenance and involving municipalities. Their quality surpassed our expectations, and they have shown to be quite professional. I will make sure to tell everyone about you guys in my circle.
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Bills Asphalt Maintenance completed their first project for me in Ohio. They made it happen when I could not locate nearby paving companies in Triadelphia and WV—excellent work and client service.
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I had a distasteful parking lot. A tiny job that some businesses overcharge for to make it profitable or so they won't have to deal with it. I gave Bills Asphalt Maintenance a call. They called me immediately and came to the house to give me a job estimate. The price was quite fair, and the service was courteous and expert. The team worked incredibly swiftly and effectively. No slack was taken only because the task was minor. I would suggest Bills Asphalt Maintenance to anyone, and I intend to use them again soon.
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We appreciate your excellent work paving our driveway. I was very impressed with how effectively they coordinated. You did a great job ensuring sure everything was as spotless as possible. The driveway drains as hoped, and I'm delighted with how the yard looks—already telling people about Bills Asphalt Maintenance.
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Extremely pleased with the outcome and the work crew. Your workers were pleasant on my property and efficient, considerate, and well-kept. Given that it was in the high 90s outside and working with 300-degree asphalt must be incredibly taxing, I find these traits impressive. I appreciate your hard work.
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I appreciate the work you did at my company. The guys impressed me with their efficiency. Well, I have done it, everyone! From my initial interaction with the estimator through the construction crew, I couldn't be happier with everything. We appreciate your competent work and wonderful service, Bills Asphalt Maintenance.
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I've used Bills Asphalt Maintenance twice; the first was to pave a muddy, weedy parking lot, and the second was to seal coat an existing driveway. In both instances, Bills Asphalt Maintenance arrived on time, completed the job well, and delivered wonderful and accommodating service through the office schedule. I endorse this business because of its excellent work.
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Bills Asphalt Maintenance performed a fantastic job and cleaned up after themselves. They were professional to work with and asked for my advice on what I wanted before doing anything else. I'd happily recommend them to my friends so they could work their magic. Everyone, the staff, was kind and friendly. What else is there to say?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can tell much about your business by the state of your driveway or parking area. A smooth, crack- and pothole-free road surface demonstrates your attention to presentation. Additionally, it communicates your concern for client security and your desire to safeguard their vehicle from harm when they visit your establishment.
Asphalt has a long history of serving as a paving material. Compared to other, more expensive options, asphalt offers excellent performance at a lower cost.

We employ skilled and knowledgeable asphalt paving teams and use cutting-edge equipment. Highways, streets, business buildings, and even home driveways can all benefit from paving.

Customers can anticipate the asphalt surface to endure 30 years or longer with correctly put asphalt and first-rate materials. Many construction projects can survive 40 to 50 years with adequate upkeep.

The paving surface that is easiest to repair is asphalt. A member of our company, Bills Asphalt Maintenance crew, will review various asphalt paving services with you. It is essential to get professional advice for the majority of repair services.

One of our asphalt paving experts chooses the appropriate product type for each particular paving project. The site’s examination will provide the optimum match for the intended use. The architect or engineering firm usually provides the product specification for new municipal and commercial areas. The product is then created according to the mentioned requirements.